more nothing

So I finally met my first weight loss goal last week.  and am now actually down to 208!  my next goal is 199, and then i think 185 after that. . .:D  I'm hoping to just need to maintain my weight by the summer, although that might be a little quick.  but i really do want to be done LOSING weight by the end of the year, and just need to work on maintaining it.  

Other than that not much is going on.  I made dinner last night for st. pattys day.  corned beef and cabbage.  but the cabbage got left in for a little too long :(.  other than that it was good though.

Going to the desert this weekend with Carrie and Randy.  Very excited, haven't been since last thanks giving.  miss it. hope we go some more this year.  that'd be nice.  still looking for a job too. . .oh well.  we'll see how that goes.  

not much else of importance.  


life lately

well...life has been a bit uneventful as of late.  just a bit of Disney-ing...and cleaning...ok, so not much of the cleaning.  might go to the desert next weekend.  possibly.  but only as long as i clean up some...so i guess i should.  we'll see.