more books

finished a few books between last night and tonight. . .

-Vampire Diaries: The Struggle by L.J. Smith, 313 pages, started 6-24-09 finished 6-25-09
-Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, 264 pages, started 6-25-09 finished 6-25-09
-Beautiful City of the Dead by Leander Watts, 254 pages, started 6-25-09 finished. . .

those are what I've read today, and I still have an hour to finish BCotD. After that one, I think I'll move on to the next two Vampire Diaries books, The Fury and Dark Reunion. I'm actually looking forward to those, they're supposed to be really good.


Summer 2009

This summer I've decided to read all the books I've bought and not read yet. That's a big commitment, but one I fully intend to accomplish. I really decided this just this week, but I'm committed to it, so, I believe I'll log all the books I read here during the summer, so I can come back and see what I have actually accomplished.

So: We'll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (Sound of Music).

-Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, 383 pages, started 6-17-09 finished 6-21-09
-Define "Normal" by Julie Anne Peters, 208 pages, started 6-21-09 finished 6-22-09
-Extras By Scott Westerfield, 417 pages, started 6-22-09 finished 6-23-09
-Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J. Smith, 320 pages, started 6-23-09 finished 6-24-09
-Vampire Diaries: The Struggle by L.J. Smith, 313 pages, started 6-24-09 0n page 97


So it's been a while. . .

Two months almost. I do apologize. But truthfully my life has been exciting for the last two months. First of all, I met a boy. He's lovely. He makes me happy, and smile and I have lots of fun with him.

We went to the desert for the second time this year this past weekend. we left on friday (6-19) and got back sunday (6-21). Took Sean with us and he seemed to have a blast, so we're planning on possibly going again later next month or in August. But we got him on the bike and quad and it was so much fun. I took him about half way to blue in on wolfe well road, then to the ranger station on the bike and my quad. we ended up sleeping in a tent friday night but it was too windy saturday night so we slept in the montero. that wasn't too bad, except when we woke up in the morning, it was really warm.

unfortunately still unemployed. =( again, hopefully that'll change soon. But I am back in classes again, and I need to get a good grade on my English Class and the Math class that i'm taking as well as the Web design class. Math and Web Design don't start for another two weeks, and are only 6 week classes, so i'll need to buckle down, and go get my books sometime this week or next.