Shopping haul

Went shopping this morning in the hopes of finding new skinny jeans. Sadly I failed in that venture. But I did succeed in getting 4 new shirts


On the pole

In the last two months I've begun to take dance classes again. They've been absolutely wonderful for me in the short run (as only a month and a half doesn't really constitute a long run). I'm hoping to keep up with them for quite a while. They're tons of fun, and they help build strength in creative ways. I'm noticing that I'm getting stringer and lasting longer in the warm up, and trying harder and harder things.

Did I mention these dance classes took place in a pole dance studio? I didn't? Oh. Well now you know.

The best part? The shoes. I get to wear my platform Mary-Janes and I don't get funny looks or whispers.

Last night I left the studio feeling tired but extremely happy. My arms were like noodles, and my thighs burned from scraping down and holding myself on the pole. But I was happy! We went over the tricks we knew. My favorite currently is the 'martini girl' which is a basic pole spin but you let your butt drop and point one leg so that it's in line with the bent leg and they make one line. It took me some time to get the hang of it, now it comes easy.

We also tried a 'Peter Pan' or 'fairy' spin where you're basically hanging on to the pole with just your hands. Your body is out from the pole and your legs are swinging behind you as you spin. Your hips should be facing the pole the entire trick. Then we transitioned to a 'chair' spin straight from our 'fairy'. The chair is pretty self explanatory: you spin holding the pole and come up like you're sitting in a chair. It makes a prettier exit to the fairy than just stopping.

My favorite trick of the night I can't remember the name of. Bu we started our like a front leg hook, with our hand slightly lower then reached between the leg on the floor (left) and the leg hooked (right) and grabbed the pole with both hands (sandwiching your hooked leg between your arms) and let momentum take you around while bringing your free leg up behind the pole with the knee bent. Sounds weird but looks really cool. And was okay the first time. But after that it hurt to do. =(.

I also did more of my climbing preparations, where I start to climb but I just hang on and push myself up and then let myself hang to build up strength in my arms. I am noticing it paying off too!!

More in the adventures of pole dancing next week!