What do you think the world will be like in 2050?

I hope that in 2050 we've gotten healthier, and more knowledgeable. I'm afraid that by 2050 we'll be closer to the size of people in wall•e with the intelligence of those in idiocracy. Frightening thought.

What season do you anticipate the most?

What season do you anticipate the most?

I most anticipate autumn. I think it's my favorite season because it's just been an amazing & fun summer, time to be care free and have fun. while spring is usually lauded as the renewal season, I really see that in autumn. For the last fifteen years it's always been autumn when I had that new start. New school year, new semester, new fashion; NEW. plus it's got my two favorite holidays, Halloween & Thanksgiving.

What do you think Victoria's Secret is?

What do you think Victoria's Secret is?

HAHA!! In the beginning, maybe, Victoria's Secret was actually a secret, underground, Lingerie retailer. As for the secret? They're trying to take over the world, one microfiber bra at a time. Controlling women by the promise fo trapping and enchanting a mate, and males by showcasing boobs, butts and sex. The gay community are attracted by the robes and beauty products. There is something there for any & everyone. Honestly though. . .it could have started as these things do, innocent urge to please the general populous, and to get themselves known. thenit got turned into a semi-high scale sex-shop-lite. Money grubbers jacking already 120% raised prices; Marking them down 30% and calling it a sale. making girls and women believe they neeed over priced lingerie to be beautiful instead of helping these women discover and embrace their own natural and inner beauty. UGH.


The thing that makes me happiest

The thing that makes me happiest...

Well, there are a lot of things that make me happy. My friends and family for one thing. They make me really happy. My friends are all really interesting people, who keep life interesting. They're fun people to be around. My family is a no brainer, though i know people who hate their families so i guess it isn't so obvious after all. my family however is very important to me and make me supremely happy. Music is another thing that makes me happy. Ith helps me express myself. I can play music that matches my mood or my pace. I wanna move fast, i put on fast music and i'm off! Performing also makes me happy. being on stage and entertaining an audience gives me this amazing rush and makes me tons happier. plus doing it for school gives me a general gpa boost (lol). reaing and crafting are other things i enjoy. Disneyland is also last but not least in my mini happy list. That's a starter...more to come maybe.


the 25 best things about me are. . .

So I've decided that I want to start a Journal. I have a butt load of journaling prompts and will post their responses here. . .so post the first:

25 best things about me. . .

  1. Ambitious-I like to set really large goals for myself, that way if I fall short, I still have something to be proud of, and more attainable.
  2. Caring- I really care about the people in my life, and how they are treated. I try to make them as happy as I can, and really want to know about them and their life.
  3. intelligent-I'm rather smart, I comprehend things and know a lot of things about random things in life. Like the fact that Luna (a.k.a. the moon) is actually a natural Sattelite, not a planet--neither is Pluto if you were wondering.
  4. creative-I am very creative. I get inspired to create from anything. It could be a purse I'd seen or a t-shirt, whatever I encounter, has me trying to make something like it or something completely different.
  5. glass half full-I see the glass as half full, I look on the bright side of things, or try to most of the time at least.
  6. literate-I am literate. I can read. =)
  7. read-I love to read. So far this summer I've read 14 books so far, totaling 4,535 pages. I have 5 other books started as well.
  8. procrastinator-Unfortunately I've mastered the art of procrastination. I'm working on fixing that, but it's a hard habit to break...hopefully it's something I take care of next year. . .
  9. passive-aggressive-I try not to engage in arguments, i like being passive, means less chance of a fist-fight. . .
  10. warm-I'm a warm hearted human being. I like giving to good people, those who deserve it.
  11. music lover-i absolutely adore music. doesn't matter the genre, I like things with a beat. I really enjoy rock music and show tunes, and want to sing all the time.
  12. art inclined-I really like art and artistry, anything that really showcases creativity. I like going to museums and art shows, like the Pageant of the Masters.
  13. over achiever-I try too many things at one time. I overload my schedule with trying to socialize and learn and help out. It's a lot of things to try to do.
  14. acting- I like acting and watching people act. I love live theater, and would love to make musical theater my profession. singing and dancing and acting is what i love...and what better way to earn a living than by doing what you love?
  15. improvisation-I'm pretty damn good at improvisation. It's a theater activity i enjoy, and on the plus side, when it's not theater related, it helps that i'm really convincing ;)
  16. makeup-I like playing with makeup. If I wasn't going to school for theater i'd be going to school to become a professional makeup artist.
  17. outspoken-I speak my mind about things. Trying to keep it all bottled up doesn't really work for me...I get to a point where I'm bursting with what I want to say. So I just say it. I'm not harsh about things, but if I think it, it's probably getting said.
  18. down to earth-I am incredibly down to earth. I don't think I am something I'm not, I realize just what I am, and am working on embracing that of myself.
  19. open-I am a very open person. Emotionally and otherwise. You won't have to guess with me, I'll let you know!
  20. good to friends-I treat my friends very well. I like helping them out and treating them wel. they're my escape from the 'rents. and as much as i love them, they're starting to drive me NUTS. wanna move out. . .(see #1)
  21. sleep a lot-ok, so I like my sleep. Today is a perfect example. I went to sleep around 3am, woke up around noon, ate lunch, and went back to sleep around 3pm, woke up again around 7:30 pm for dinner and will probably be going to sleep before 1 am.
  22. driving-I like driving. I drive a lot--to Thousand Oaks and back, all around Newport with Heather, all over Orange County for/with various friends. . .it's tons of fun!
  23. calm-ok, so sometimes I'm calm. Others, not so much, but I like my down time, just hanging around with my friends, watching a movie or tv show. . .being laid back
  24. slow burn-i'm not quick to temper. on that same note, i also don't let things go quickly all the time, so it literally is a slow burn of pent up aggression.
  25. dirt bikes-i LOVE dirt bikes and off roading. It's such a masculine sport, but then you get out there and in the spring it's so beautiful...being in nature is ton's of fun.