The thing that makes me happiest

The thing that makes me happiest...

Well, there are a lot of things that make me happy. My friends and family for one thing. They make me really happy. My friends are all really interesting people, who keep life interesting. They're fun people to be around. My family is a no brainer, though i know people who hate their families so i guess it isn't so obvious after all. my family however is very important to me and make me supremely happy. Music is another thing that makes me happy. Ith helps me express myself. I can play music that matches my mood or my pace. I wanna move fast, i put on fast music and i'm off! Performing also makes me happy. being on stage and entertaining an audience gives me this amazing rush and makes me tons happier. plus doing it for school gives me a general gpa boost (lol). reaing and crafting are other things i enjoy. Disneyland is also last but not least in my mini happy list. That's a starter...more to come maybe.

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