What do you think Victoria's Secret is?

What do you think Victoria's Secret is?

HAHA!! In the beginning, maybe, Victoria's Secret was actually a secret, underground, Lingerie retailer. As for the secret? They're trying to take over the world, one microfiber bra at a time. Controlling women by the promise fo trapping and enchanting a mate, and males by showcasing boobs, butts and sex. The gay community are attracted by the robes and beauty products. There is something there for any & everyone. Honestly though. . .it could have started as these things do, innocent urge to please the general populous, and to get themselves known. thenit got turned into a semi-high scale sex-shop-lite. Money grubbers jacking already 120% raised prices; Marking them down 30% and calling it a sale. making girls and women believe they neeed over priced lingerie to be beautiful instead of helping these women discover and embrace their own natural and inner beauty. UGH.

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