i have been neglecting to blog.  i'm woefully sorry about this.  

so, what has been happening, you ask? a lot of nothing.  I'm slowly cleaning up the house.  Very Slowly.  slower than a snail...but i am cleaning!  i'm also working at depleting my yarn stash, and the fabric stash that's slowly taking over the house, and soon the world.  Other than that, it's been lots of Disneyland and working away at loosing the weight i've gained since leaving high school- and the weight i've wanted to loose since starting high school...so far this year i've lost 13 pounds!  I've kept at it, and hope to meet my first goal of 209 within the next two weeks!  


Strawberry Milk, anyone?

i'm a little sickie-poo.  the reason i know this is because i can't breathe through my nose, and i have no appetite what so ever.  I'll eat the food if it's put in front of me but i am disinclined to prepare food for myself.  I told mom that my dinner had been a bottle of strawberry milk and she made me have a little cup of chicken noodle soup.  if she hadn't i would have gone to sleep with only a bottle of milk for dinner.

other than that, it's been  a good week so far.  knitting and such, trying to get things completed and cleaned up.  

so far this year i've been to Disneyland 7 times!!  and i'm going again at least once this week :DDD

That's all Folks!


Katella Deli!

went to katella deli today.  was yummy!  seeing leslie and eric was cool too.  (it's always good to see pami and gene).  

came home and went to sleep for a while, then went shopping for mom.  just trader joes and ralphs and dinner.  we're doing target tomorrow since mom's foot hurt and she didn't want me to buy toilet paper on my own.  dunno why though.  oh well.

not much else to report.  more of the same old, same old. 

boring day

didn't do much today--woke up at 4, went back to sleep at 7, woke up again at 11.  went to target and tried to return a pedometer the broke--they didn't have any others so i couldn't =(.

dad  bought pit burger!  yay!!  then i knit for a while, doodled on the computer, finished a few craft projects that i had been working on for a bit. think i may send out my package finally.  

and now i'm spending time with heather again. . .watching movies and bones and lost.  it's lots of fun.

yesterday we went to Disneyland and had lots of fun!  went to California Adventure and rode California Screaming and did the Tortilla Tour.  Went to Disneyland and rode Pirates Thunder Railroad, Indiana Jones, Small World, Space Mountain, Buzz lightyear.  'twas lots of fun and a full day of Disney was enjoyed by all!

it's been fun!

Good Night all.


ha ha. . .

so it is another day in the life of me.  slept until noon-ish, woke up, made lunch for me and mom, read.  

I really should be cleaning and exercising. . . but i seem unwilling to get up from bed.  i think it has a bit to do with not taking my vitamins.  i also want to. . . oh crap i forgot to check in.


to do today:
  1. laundry [done]
  2. clean guest room [uhhhhh...]
  3. exercise [done]
  4. shower [morning]
  5. dinner [done]
  6. get ready for Disney tomorrow [should be doing now]
  7. sleep [later]
and it's only 2.  maybe i'll get to send out the package today too!!  one can hope.

--edit 10:15 pm Feb 4, 2009--



so i found out today that if you want to ship internationally you need to have the phone number of whom you're shipping to.  usually that isn't a problem, except when you're shipping to a friend from the internet, and don't presently have their phone number.  oh well.


had another thought before the night went away with me. . .

After pestering by my bestie, i finally went on California Screaming at California Adventures today.  i was afraid i'd hate it, but i LOVED it. can't wait to go on again thursday :D

so it begins. . .

my life as a blogger begins.  I must say, I hope this ends better than my other blogs.  

So, a little about me:

1] I'm short [4'9.5"] and like men taller than me.
2]Currently not working. . .hoping that changes soon.
3]Am a full time student in college
4]Graduated high school in June 2007.
5] Still live at home =D

umm. . .  yeah.  have another post planned but going to go unload the dishwasher for my mom so she stops bugging me about it.