boring day

didn't do much today--woke up at 4, went back to sleep at 7, woke up again at 11.  went to target and tried to return a pedometer the broke--they didn't have any others so i couldn't =(.

dad  bought pit burger!  yay!!  then i knit for a while, doodled on the computer, finished a few craft projects that i had been working on for a bit. think i may send out my package finally.  

and now i'm spending time with heather again. . .watching movies and bones and lost.  it's lots of fun.

yesterday we went to Disneyland and had lots of fun!  went to California Adventure and rode California Screaming and did the Tortilla Tour.  Went to Disneyland and rode Pirates Thunder Railroad, Indiana Jones, Small World, Space Mountain, Buzz lightyear.  'twas lots of fun and a full day of Disney was enjoyed by all!

it's been fun!

Good Night all.

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