ha ha. . .

so it is another day in the life of me.  slept until noon-ish, woke up, made lunch for me and mom, read.  

I really should be cleaning and exercising. . . but i seem unwilling to get up from bed.  i think it has a bit to do with not taking my vitamins.  i also want to. . . oh crap i forgot to check in.


to do today:
  1. laundry [done]
  2. clean guest room [uhhhhh...]
  3. exercise [done]
  4. shower [morning]
  5. dinner [done]
  6. get ready for Disney tomorrow [should be doing now]
  7. sleep [later]
and it's only 2.  maybe i'll get to send out the package today too!!  one can hope.

--edit 10:15 pm Feb 4, 2009--

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