halfway through summer classes. . .

Here i am, July 27,2009 and I'm sitting on my couch, writing in my blog about how later tonight I have my first midterm at 4 pm. Even though I should be studying for the test on 4.5 chapters. . .or filling out job applications so that i can hve some spending money. I was supposed to get a job at Del Taco, but the lady filled all the spots and has no room on staff to hire me now. . .so i'm a little annoyed about that. otherwise, Life has been pretty quiet. My aunt Elizabeth and her daughter were here for almost two weeks, and left on tuesday. I went to hang out with Sean on Thursday and had lots of fun hanging out with him. I'm also planning on making him dinner sometime next week or so. I made him muffins on Thursday. He really liked them from what I understand =)

more school and such...ttyl.

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